Saturday, January 30, 2010

chitty-chitty bang bang--toot toot

Yesterday I woke up at 9 a.m. fully welcoming my day and ready for some fun. It was Friday and on Fridays I get to see my boyfriend for lunch. He travels around a lot for work but on Fridays he is close enough for me to get to.

We had a good lunch, went grocery shopping, then I decided that I needed to get my oil changed. I was on the main drag of shops on McKnight so I pulled over to the Jiffy Lube. It was my third oil change, I signed up for their free service coupon book, so this one was half off.

I pull up and get out of the car, welcomed into the store by, "Oh the girl who locked her keys in her car!"

My shining moment for everyone to hear. Some months earlier I had my oil changed and then when I went next door to Qdoba to get a burrito I accidentally locked my keys in the car. The guys at Jiffy Lube rescued me and now I have to hear them talk about how funny it was for them to see me running over asking them to jimmy my car door open (and yes, my keys were right on the seat, I felt like an ass and still do.)

I'm sitting there waiting, reading the paper, J.D. Salinger died the previous day. I was focused and concentrated on my newspaper reading when I heard, "Tinkle, Tinkle (of the door opening) Ma'am I need you to look at this." Fuck.

I get to go under my car and there I see it. My transmission fluid leaking all over the floor. The mechanic shows me (by almost sticking his finger through the pan) that this pan is rusted through and it needs to be replaced.

"You probably just hit something and busted it open."

I then spend THREE HOURS in a transmission shop that had no heat waiting for this to get fixed. I watched THREE HOURS of soap operas on T.V. THREE WHOLE HOURS. It was terrible and it cost me about $200.

If it rains apparently it just doesn't pour, it hurricanes.

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