Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy Fail.

I went to go see Crazy Heart today. (Click here to access the trailer.) I don't know anyone else who watched it, other than my boyfriend who was sitting next to me. I just need to know.


When it was over, I booed. I booed all the way out the theater door, booed after we passed the ticket guy, and still was booing on the way out passing people buying the tickets in line. Was it bad? Or was it just me?

Dear One Who Cannot be Named (Not Voldemort)

Dear Neighbor,

I know, we live in an alley in Pittsburgh, I know that there are sometimes crack deals that go down a door down, and I know that the yelling at all hours of the night must keep you up. You must remember, dear--DEAR neighbor, that I too live on this humble street. I know how tough it is not to go to the window each time, "Fuck that shit..." is yelled to someone on the street, or when a high pitched whistle is rang at 3 a.m., I too want to run and look at what could be happening just on the street below. My interest has been peaked many times that a sweet yet weird odor has wafted up to my windows. Don't forget Dear Neighbor, that I too know what it is like to live on this street.

These are all little problems compared with what you have now brought to my-LITERAL-door step. I can forget the drug deals, I can push aside the yells at all hours, I cannot even complain about band practice which is usually on Thursdays but is now making an appearance on Thursdays as well as Sundays, all these things are trifle. It is what makes this neighborhood, no this street, have its individual flavor.

My problem, and what I cannot forgive, is, who the fuck allows their dog to shit outside my car door.Not only one door but both MY PASSENGER AND DRIVER side door. The only two doors I have on my car. If it was on one side--the passenger side--maybe I could over look it. I could just brush it off as a little extra spice for where I live, but on both sides!! COME ON PEOPLE.

This note is to you Mr. or Mrs. I-let-my-dog-shit-outside-people's-doors, I know that times are tough, I know that the weather has made the city a living hell hole, I understand all this. But if you need something to amuse yourself, or if you are that goddamn lazy to clean up the shit yourself, how about you do it somewhere away from my car? Or even maybe away from at LEAST one of the doors?

Neighbors if anything should at least be considerate.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Music to My Ears

Today I was in the car with my sister Francesca. I was in charge of trying to fix/play songs on her Ipod. And this got me thinking, as I went through some songs that reminded me of people, places, and things, why does music symbolize not a beginning to me, but an end.

It is not like I DON'T like music, I really do. But I don't really LOVE it. I use it when I am irritated to feel better, or just on in the background as noise. It has no real place in my life or significance. This is really unusual for some people to hear (i.e. my boyfriend the musician) because music apparently is a big deal to a lot of people.

The one thing that music symbolizes for me--and has always been there to help me--is an end to relationships.

I can name all the boys that I have dated, been friends with, or had relationships with that were meaningful--and then name the song that I used to get over when it ended. I use music to sooth my soul, in a way. I use music to get on and get over people that I have fallen out with. Why get upset when I can listen to the same song 40-50 times and then feel better?

List some of the songs:

1. Open Arms
2. Tiny Dancer
3. Like We Never Loved At All
4. Thanks for the Memories
5. Round of Applause

Those are some of them, yes just some of them, a girl has to have a little mystery in her life. I think that everyone has "songs" for relationships. The times in dances or in the car that you just shout out, "AW this is our SONG!" But me, I have songs for the end of relationships. Is there anyone out there that does this?

I can't be the only one............

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Erie, PA

This week I made my way back home. I have a dentist appointment (I refuse to change my dentist since he is really amazing) so I took the week to come up and visit family and friends. I miss home. I have been away for about a year now and it still puts me into a better mood and a smile on my face the week before I actually leave. Most people dread coming home, I look forward to it.

I love Erie. It has it charms of being a small town next to a natural treasure (the Peninsula). The summers are beautiful, the spring is amazing, and the fall, no where can compare. Granted the winter in all its glories is terrible, but one out of four isn't bad.

Everyone should visit and fall in love with the beauty of what hometown life is really like.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Really? You are COLD?

OK, I will admit it, when people tell me that their house is really cold and they hate it, I tend to giggle a bit inside. I just think to myself, ha you don't even know how bad it can get, then I look toward Chris (if he is next to me) and smile. I don't really know what people think cold is. Is cold having your house at sixty eight degrees in the winter? Is that really cold? Is having a cold house defined by wearing that extra pair of socks and slippers around? I do not really have the best gauge in me to define cold houses and warm houses. I think it has to do with the fact that I do not heat my apartment.

GASP!! "How can you not heat you your apartment???" is expensive and honestly I just don't feel the need to pay money to heat a place when I can just put on another pair of socks.

My thermostat is set on whatever the farthest the little lever can go to the left. I believe it might be 40, I am not sure. I do not believe in heating my house, especially not now when my gas bill (including hot water and the stove) is over $75 dollars. I do not want to add anymore to that bill that is already out of my budget. I might be a penny pincher but there are others out there like me that do not heat their houses either so there!

I tell people when they come over, "Dress in layers, and bring extra socks just in case." They might think that I am kidding but soon they will learn. Recently someone who came over got into an argument with me about the temperature of my house. They said that when they went outside it was warmer that it was inside of my apartment. Kidding or not this left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

1. It is my apartment.
2. You know before hand what the temperature is.
3. Who are you to tell me when and how to heat my house.

My boyfriend dresses in layers, I dress in layers and it works for both of us. Yes, from time to time I still get complaints but I like how I live, and it works for me. Why spend the resources when you can just live without them?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allegheny Cemetery and the Recent Rise of the Dead

Jared and I recently took a walk in the Allegheny Cemetery. It was the first time that I was actually inside the cemetery, and it was an amazing experience. I have driven past countless times but to actually go inside and see the beauty of the place--it is something that should not be missed. I am just sorry that it didn't happen before now.

Of course being how we not only took this time to awe and bask in the beauty but to take up some concerns with the layout. Jared and I are concerned with the reanimation of the corpses when the Zombies decide to attack. We feel, like many others that the City has an obligation to the public to make sure that what comes out of the ground is enclosed within a safe perimeter.

Now, while the cemetery is beautiful, it has many gaps in the fences and many places where the fences (stone and metal) need to be reinforced. In our perimeter check of the property we found many places where they could escape and infect the rest of the city.

The first thing that the city must do is to reinforce the perimeter. Next we need to make sure that the perimeter is guarded day and night to ensure that the Zombies do not make an escape nor decide to rise before we are ready for them.

Jared and I are currently drafting a letter to the Board to make sure that they know we mean business. This is terrifying stuff. Imagine a world that is overrun by the living dead.
This is not a sight that I wish to be around to see. Granted, it is all fun and games in the movies. Real Zombie attacks would not be the same.

There Jared and I are planning, thinking, exploring all that we can to make the city safer. We come up with exit plans, defense strategies, power point ideas, pictures, and even live demonstrations for when the Board decides to call us back.

This is all taking up time and energy. our dismay. The resident Zombie expert Bryan "I am going to ruin all the fun" Pwaite decides to listen to our plans.

"So what are you really worried about, them escaping or protecting from them coming in?" Asked in a very snooty I know more than you will ever type of voice.

"Well we are worried about the Zombies escaping." I think that this is obvious and so does Jared.

"You do realize you have it all wrong right? Corpse can not reanimate. They are dead so they stay dead. They wouldn't just come back to life." Said with a smile on his face.

Party pooper. Granted I am sure he is right since he has read up and has his weapons ready for the day when they do attack. But it still ruined our fun and maybe we will just change our letter to, Protection from attack inside out, to Protection from attack, outside in.

Here are some valuable websites if anyone else is concerned about the impending doom of the Zombie rising.

This link is for the cemetery. I am sure from the site you can see why we were concerned.

A great blog and website with EVERYTHING one might need to make their house and life Zombie proof.

Another link that I got some pictures from.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just want a person!!

Filing for my first of (hopefully!) few unemployment checks and all I know is that, "I need a person!" I hate the automated system. I hate it so much. It takes all of my self control not to have a huge panic attack every time I tried today. And I tried a lot.

Why do companies do this to their customers? Is it really that cost efficient to have a computer answer and direct the phone calls? Are there not many complaints about how this is a terrible system?

I know for one that as soon as I hear the computer automated voice (CAV) I quickly try to press the number zero. This little trick has tricked the CAV into giving me that REAL person that I so wish to speak to.

The unemployment office has no such trick. After calling and going around in circles for at least ten minutes (good-bye phone minutes) I just hung up and called the other number and did like before and left my phone number for a recall.

This took two hours (even when my estimated wait time was 20 minutes). I hate being unemployed. The entire process and lifestyle is dragging and boring. Even though I hated my job, I now miss the thrill of at least waking up and having something to do.

Maybe I'll figure out a way to give all CAV systems a virus. Until then, I guess I'll keep holding and figuring my way out, pressing 1, 2, or 4.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the process

When I took this image I thought, how lovely, trying to finish the globe. Now I just see it as a struggle. Stuck forever in a position, wanting to finish, but will never see it complete.

Monday, February 1, 2010

decisions--impartial and needed

I need a path in life. I am going to be twenty-seven in September (which is not as far off as it seems) and I have no direction. My little sister Alexandria(graduating high school this year) set me to do some research for her.

Apparently telling the high school councilor that she just wants to be, and I quote, "fabulous," during a, "what do you want to do with your life after high school," talk, just didn't cut it. Now I get to research colleges for her because, "you're my sister and you have nothing else to do."

I think it is funny that she gave me this important task because

1. shouldn't you want to do it yourself,and
2. I didn't even get a real job out of college.

I am the one that needs helps trying to find a way, or even a job, now I have to do it for her too? It all seems so much.

I have spent the better part of my day looking up ways for her to be "fabulous". I have found many career pathways and colleges for her to pick from. Not once did I even think to put, Gold digger, or Trophy Wife on the list. (OK that is a lie. I did think to do that but I restrained myself because, lets be honest, she probably already thought of that herself.)

How is it that it is so easy to find careers or offer advice to others yet when it is needed internally the words or ideas never come? I have two pages for her, countless Internet sites, discussion boards, and general information.

Yet, I at twenty-six and six months have no advice to offer myself.