Monday, February 1, 2010

decisions--impartial and needed

I need a path in life. I am going to be twenty-seven in September (which is not as far off as it seems) and I have no direction. My little sister Alexandria(graduating high school this year) set me to do some research for her.

Apparently telling the high school councilor that she just wants to be, and I quote, "fabulous," during a, "what do you want to do with your life after high school," talk, just didn't cut it. Now I get to research colleges for her because, "you're my sister and you have nothing else to do."

I think it is funny that she gave me this important task because

1. shouldn't you want to do it yourself,and
2. I didn't even get a real job out of college.

I am the one that needs helps trying to find a way, or even a job, now I have to do it for her too? It all seems so much.

I have spent the better part of my day looking up ways for her to be "fabulous". I have found many career pathways and colleges for her to pick from. Not once did I even think to put, Gold digger, or Trophy Wife on the list. (OK that is a lie. I did think to do that but I restrained myself because, lets be honest, she probably already thought of that herself.)

How is it that it is so easy to find careers or offer advice to others yet when it is needed internally the words or ideas never come? I have two pages for her, countless Internet sites, discussion boards, and general information.

Yet, I at twenty-six and six months have no advice to offer myself.

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  1. Welll... why don't you become a career counselor? I've thought of doing it! :)