Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just want a person!!

Filing for my first of (hopefully!) few unemployment checks and all I know is that, "I need a person!" I hate the automated system. I hate it so much. It takes all of my self control not to have a huge panic attack every time I tried today. And I tried a lot.

Why do companies do this to their customers? Is it really that cost efficient to have a computer answer and direct the phone calls? Are there not many complaints about how this is a terrible system?

I know for one that as soon as I hear the computer automated voice (CAV) I quickly try to press the number zero. This little trick has tricked the CAV into giving me that REAL person that I so wish to speak to.

The unemployment office has no such trick. After calling and going around in circles for at least ten minutes (good-bye phone minutes) I just hung up and called the other number and did like before and left my phone number for a recall.

This took two hours (even when my estimated wait time was 20 minutes). I hate being unemployed. The entire process and lifestyle is dragging and boring. Even though I hated my job, I now miss the thrill of at least waking up and having something to do.

Maybe I'll figure out a way to give all CAV systems a virus. Until then, I guess I'll keep holding and figuring my way out, pressing 1, 2, or 4.

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  1. When in this situation again, try www.gethuman.com. It gives "workarounds" to all kinds of company's automated systems.