Monday, February 22, 2010

Music to My Ears

Today I was in the car with my sister Francesca. I was in charge of trying to fix/play songs on her Ipod. And this got me thinking, as I went through some songs that reminded me of people, places, and things, why does music symbolize not a beginning to me, but an end.

It is not like I DON'T like music, I really do. But I don't really LOVE it. I use it when I am irritated to feel better, or just on in the background as noise. It has no real place in my life or significance. This is really unusual for some people to hear (i.e. my boyfriend the musician) because music apparently is a big deal to a lot of people.

The one thing that music symbolizes for me--and has always been there to help me--is an end to relationships.

I can name all the boys that I have dated, been friends with, or had relationships with that were meaningful--and then name the song that I used to get over when it ended. I use music to sooth my soul, in a way. I use music to get on and get over people that I have fallen out with. Why get upset when I can listen to the same song 40-50 times and then feel better?

List some of the songs:

1. Open Arms
2. Tiny Dancer
3. Like We Never Loved At All
4. Thanks for the Memories
5. Round of Applause

Those are some of them, yes just some of them, a girl has to have a little mystery in her life. I think that everyone has "songs" for relationships. The times in dances or in the car that you just shout out, "AW this is our SONG!" But me, I have songs for the end of relationships. Is there anyone out there that does this?

I can't be the only one............

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