Thursday, February 18, 2010

Really? You are COLD?

OK, I will admit it, when people tell me that their house is really cold and they hate it, I tend to giggle a bit inside. I just think to myself, ha you don't even know how bad it can get, then I look toward Chris (if he is next to me) and smile. I don't really know what people think cold is. Is cold having your house at sixty eight degrees in the winter? Is that really cold? Is having a cold house defined by wearing that extra pair of socks and slippers around? I do not really have the best gauge in me to define cold houses and warm houses. I think it has to do with the fact that I do not heat my apartment.

GASP!! "How can you not heat you your apartment???" is expensive and honestly I just don't feel the need to pay money to heat a place when I can just put on another pair of socks.

My thermostat is set on whatever the farthest the little lever can go to the left. I believe it might be 40, I am not sure. I do not believe in heating my house, especially not now when my gas bill (including hot water and the stove) is over $75 dollars. I do not want to add anymore to that bill that is already out of my budget. I might be a penny pincher but there are others out there like me that do not heat their houses either so there!

I tell people when they come over, "Dress in layers, and bring extra socks just in case." They might think that I am kidding but soon they will learn. Recently someone who came over got into an argument with me about the temperature of my house. They said that when they went outside it was warmer that it was inside of my apartment. Kidding or not this left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

1. It is my apartment.
2. You know before hand what the temperature is.
3. Who are you to tell me when and how to heat my house.

My boyfriend dresses in layers, I dress in layers and it works for both of us. Yes, from time to time I still get complaints but I like how I live, and it works for me. Why spend the resources when you can just live without them?

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