Monday, March 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Perfect surprise was the dinner date//movie night this weekend. I usually don't like surprises. Ok, I love them, but I want to know when they are coming and what they are. I get that this is not a surprise but...I digress.

Alice in Wonderland is probably one of my favorite children's story of all time. It is fantastic, whimsical, and just plain crazy.

I knew the movie was coming out. I also have a great love for Tim Burton.

I did not listen to any comments about the movie. I did not read anything about the movie. I did not even really watch the trailer, except for when it was attached to other movies. I wanted a clean slate when I went to see it.

I saw it. And I LOVED IT!!! It was the best movie so far this year that I have seen. I saw it in 3D which was really interesting/weird. But the movie went far beyond my expectations and for that I am grateful.

Everyone should go out and see it! NOW!

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  1. IF ANYONE!!! I mean anyone wants to go see this movie again, or wants more details about how great it is just ask. I was too excited about it to write more!