Monday, March 22, 2010

Excuse me, I asked for a girl.....

Today I died a little inside. I was over my Jared's house waiting for him to be done with the bathroom or something, reading ELLE magazine which--HE HAD--in his apartment. I usually like to look through magazines and gaze at all the things that I will never have enough money to buy.

I got to the 'articles' sections and this is when my utter disgust for certain women in this country came through. I wanted to find these people and punch them in the face.

The article that brought such a disgust to my ENTIRE being is called, Girl Crazy by Ruth Shalit Barret. I thought it would be an article about having a baby girl. Wrong! Very very wrong.

In this article Shalit explains about GD or Gender Disappointment. Where the mother of a HEALTHY child gets so depressed--even to abortion or suicide--because the baby that they are carrying is not the right sex. One of the women in the article goes to say, "My family is complete in reality but not in heart, [her three boys] I want to give them to someone who can actually love them."

These women in the article can not get past the fact that they have a healthy child, all that they see is that their healthy child is not what gender they wanted. All of them go through expensive and invasive surgeries or routines, "...douched with vingar and slept with a lime soaked tampon in hopes of lowering her vaginal pH to girl favorable levels" in order to get the girl or boy of their dreams.

Wake up America! What the fuck is wrong with you people out there. The site that I Googled to look to see if there were actually forums on this is called, Their introduction forum stated that,

Rules for posting here: As always, be kind and respectful to all other members. Posts along the lines of "you should just be happy to have children" are not permitted. (We already know this, thank you.) Unkind posts in this forum will be removed swiftly and without apology. This is a forum for support, not criticism.

If you are experiencing gender disappointment, I want you to know that you are not alone, you are not a bad parent, and you will feel better. We have been where you are, and it will help you to talk to us. Please come in.

Hmm....Maybe someone should post that they should be happy with their children, maybe they are confused that being a boy or a girl is not something like being born with Down Syndrome or any other terrible disease.

One of the women that posted on this site wrote this,

How is this even possible? ANOTHER girl? Is this a trick or a game that God is playing with us? I prayed and bargained with God for a SON. Just one. This is my last baby. He knew that! So WHY is it another girl?

And then went on to say that her husband should leave her for someone younger that would give him what he wanted in life.

This is my problem, ELLE magazine is read worldwide. I know that the fact that my hands even got a hold of one is purely fate. Why would this world famous magazine that KNOWS the majority of readers are women publish such an article? It does not say that this is something that is terrible and people should be happy with what they get, no they are understanding and sympathetic towards these 'mothers' and I do use the term loosely, that do not get the XY--boy or X--girl that they want.

I searched, Googled, to see if anyone finds this weird and disgusting. One writer also finds this to be, "Creepy." (Click here for her entire article)

There are people out there trying to have children and cannot. There are millions of children that can be adopted and loved. But what ELLE magazine did in this article is allow women the freedom to complain, not about how their new shoes do not fit, but how their new children do not fit in their lives. They are not mothers, they are monsters. You should be happy that you have a child that is living, breathing, and is healthy. How dare you call yourself a mother when you contemplate abortion because the child you carry is not the sex you want, or even to give away your children because they do not fit. These are children not the new line of spring accessories. Get a clue--both to ELLE magazine and the women out there that think that they need to pick and choose what they have. Save us all the time and contemplate what is there in life that is a bigger concern. You having a the gender that you want, or you having a child that is happy and healthy.


  1. Now she knows...God is a myth.

  2. This makes me feel like I am living in a Sci-fi world.

    How disgusting.

    And a lime soaked tampon?? COME ON.

  3. I am disgusted to my core. How dare people even act this way. Ugh.....