Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care

Ok, everyone knows I have no job. Unemployment covers most of my living expenses for now. What I am concerned about is insurance. I have none. This is scary and every time I step out of the house to do ANYTHING, I remind everyone that, "I have no insurance so please be careful."

I got a call a while back stating that I would be receiving some COBRA paperwork in the mail. I guess being unemployed I am eligible for "reduced" health care. Ok to me that sounds great!

Before I was laid off my gyno found a cyst on my ovary. I was getting that treated with the combination of insurance and money out of my own pocket. Over $800 in money out of my own pocket. Thought the insurance company could cover more, think again.

I get my paperwork in the mail and I look down, ok, $14.97 a month to continue dental health, that is good! I just paid $96 for a routine check up. I will check that box for dental. Then I look down.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. $498.67!! This is what I see. For the low rate of five hundred dollars a month I can continue to be insured. WHAT THE HELL. I laughed so loud and looked at it again assuming, incorrectly, that there has to be a typo in the paperwork. I even called..... Nope. For one person to be insured under this policy it is about $500 a month. Ok, I mean I have that type of money right?? Just laying around under my pillow... PFFFTTTT.....

I am unemployed. UNEMPLOYED. Who the hell do these people think I am. I get less that that from unemployment every two weeks. How am I going to pay my utilities, my rent, and then have FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS left over for insurance? How did they even think that it would be understandable and easy for someone in my situation to do this? I do not get it.

Since the Health Care Bill has been on the news lately I looked into a summery of what this bill will do. Granted, I just Googled it, but this is what I found.

Lower penalty for those who choose not to buy health insurance for most people.

The flat payment annual penalty is reduced to$695 by 2016 or 2.5% of income by 2016. Penalty for a family is the greater of 3 times the individual flat fee penalty $2,085 or 2.5% of household income.

Wait, I will be FINED? How is it possible to get fined if I cannot afford health insurance?? Um... can someone tell me if this is actually possible? I can't afford something so why should I have to get it? Obama!!! What the hell are you doing!?!?!?

In another note, I then went to the Department of Welfare home page to see if I can get insurance through them. Unfortunately because I have practiced safe sex up until now and have not popped out some babies I am not qualified to get health care through them. Which is their major concern. I have no dependents, I am not disabled, and I do not work 100 hours a month, therefore I am not qualified. Oh good.

How are other people getting insurance? Is it possible to pay for it yourself and not spend more than $150 a month on it? Why is it that when people want to get help and ensure they are kept safe and healthy it is just not an option.

Until I decide what I want to do and what I CAN do and afford, just be careful around me, and no more bungee jumping.


  1. I am glad that you wrote about this because health insurance is something that I think about a lot too, although I tend to avoid any news mentioning of it.

    I have not gone to the doctor in almost 2 years. When I was enrolled in school last semester, I loved that I could walk across the street into the health clinic-- it put my mind at ease. My dad has been paying for my health insurance since I graduated, but I choose not to ask him how much it costs, and I still refuse to go to the doctor because i don't know how much it will cost ME. If I want to go to the dentist, which I really, really do, it will cost me $90 just for a cleaning.

    This all really scares me. And I did not know about this penalty... now I am even more terrified. WTFFFFF

  2. I don't watch TV and basically ignore the world around me. I thought the health care bill was going to give health care coverage to people and lower what these supposedly "non profits" could charge for people that could afford insurance. I don't know.. it just stinks, maybe I should watch the news more??

  3. I also want to comment on the welfare issue... I was denied unemployment because I didn't make enough money a few years back, but if I had popped out a baby by now I wouldn't have such a problem! So FRUSTRATING!!