Monday, March 8, 2010

Smelling Like a Man

Let us be clear. I am not the one that smells like a man. Granted I rarely smell like a girl, I mean, I have perfumes, I just don't wear them a lot. Ok, scratch that, I smell like a girl.

Now the point of this rant/rave is, I love when men smell like men. I love it after a long day of work a guy is a little bit sweaty and dirty. To be clear, I do not like dirty stinky men. I just like men that look like they just came off the construction site and need to be be bathed (or sexed). I am sure that every woman has this fantasy so it is nothing special. I get to semi-live the fantasy so to me, it is amazing.

CH works at Home Depot. He lifts heavy things all day and does man stuff like finding guy stuff on the wall and aisles. He does NOT get to wear a tool belt to my obvious frustration but, my imagination is vivid enough to see it.

This drives me crazy. I love to go into the store when he is working. LOVE IT. I will get dressed up just for the purpose of meeting him at the store to surprising him. I do this mainly to see him, but because I can feel and smell the testosterone in the air when I enter the store. It drives me wild.

I love the guys, men who are looking up and down the aisle for their wood beams, nuts, bolts, wire cutters, etc, etc, etc, etc. They smell like a man should smell. GOOD. It makes my mouth water when I look around the aisles for CH and the men are hoist their heavy loads onto their shoulders. Caring not for the crazy ideas of, "arthritis" and not even thinking about getting a massage to get those tight tight kinks out. I drool.

What is the best, is when a woman is walking down the aisle and they just stop to stare in their best, "construction worker by the highway" type of stare. It is hilarious and very very hot. Yum....

The best story by far of me being in Home Depot to visit CH.

I entered the building trying to find him. As I am walking down the main isle I see this older man stop, stare, and then lean over to someone that is blocked to me to say something. As I approach he is talking to CH. CH has his mouth open with a pissed off look and just says, "That's my girlfriend." The man drops his jaw and then walks away. Only to come back to shake CH's hand and tell him congratulations.

I ask what the man said to him to make him look so annoyed. "He said look at her, [they were in the paint aisle] I would love to scrape the paint off of her ass. Damn."

I love Home Depot. Not because I get hit on but because, men inside that store, are men.


  1. Ha youre so weird linni. Of course your first post ever is about smelling men at home depot! Oh well, I get first comment ever :)

  2. Not weird! It is a fact!!! I love men smelling like they are men!!