Thursday, March 4, 2010

My response to Craigslist., I love him.

This blog is my response to my friend's blog. She does not like Craigslist. I could not believe it when I read it, who can not like Craigslist? I then realized what she was looking for within the site was something that I rarely, yet sometimes do. She went to the site to look for professional jobs, a career. That you cannot find on Craigslist.

I love CL, it has helped me find an apartment, and a part-time job. I have really nothing bad to say on the subject.

The apartment finder is REALLY helpful because you can search it by neighborhoods in the city. I only respond to ads that have pictures attached to them, and I would NEVER, EVER go to any of the showings without someone with me. You have to be smart and make sure that you are protected every step of the way. Take a buddy or friend with you, make sure that other people know where you will be, if the apartment looks shady then you do not go inside. Ever!!! And if at all it makes you uncomfortable, get out, you have no obligation to stay.

Once on my old roommate and I were looking at an apartment, we were almost done, then opened a pantry door, shotgun. Needless to say we got out, because it was just weird. That was the only thing that has ever happened, that was weird, and I have spreadsheets full of apartments that I looked through before I found something that I actually liked.

Jobs. Jobs are elusive tricky little things. They seem to be getting fewer and fewer as the times progress. CL is not something that I would ever normally use to find a real life career. But sometimes hard times call for hard measures. When I WAS working full time, back in July, I knew that I would be moving on my own so I needed a part-time job just in case. It would help me pay the bills and feel more comfortable living on my own.

The BF was not working at the time and took a day to try to find me something else while he was trying to find, something. I know that CL isn't what it should be in regards to jobs. There are things on there that are sketchy, to say the least. Lets face it though, we as a culture have been on the internet long enough to know what link to click and what link to not click. I think that we should be smart enough to know what job to send information to and what job to just pass aside.

My part time jobs ad looks like this, and when it was opened I knew it could be something that I could trust. Number 1: an external website that even if I did type it into Google, without clicking the link, I found it in Pittsburgh. Number 2: a facebook page that I can look at and see what they do or are all about. Number 3: and maybe the most important. It has the phone number, the name of the organization and the street address right in the ad. I will not have to wonder where or who I am applying to. It is right there, and if needed Google map can show me if what they say they are saying is true. I took the chance and applied. It has been a great experience so far. The people and the hours are fantastic and I love going to work. That job has really helped out considering I lost my full-time job last month. It is a success story, but those are few on CL.

But CL does warn right when you get to the page, they know it happens, so why would you also not be surprised. People are always trying to get other people for information or money. The internet has not stopped this at all. Just be smart and know what you are doing, take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your information.

Now to the good part, what my friend did NOT include in her blog. My favorite past time on CL.
Who out there has not looked through Casual Encounters and just laughed a little bit. Laughed and was just a little interested about if the post was ever going to be responded to, and how often it was responded to. Every has to at least try this page out. It is amazing. It is sad. It is raunchy and it is amusing. thing, one that I like to check just in case I may be mentioned is Missed Connections. How I love looking through the pages of m4w or even w4m and then occasionally w4w just in case I could be in that category. I love it. The romance, the intrigue, the longing of theses people. It is like reading someones diary, the thrill of knowing that you can read what they want to say, what they want with this person, and they will never know you know. It is great. The days when it says Lawrencville , Bloomfield, East Liberty or anywhere that I walk around in, my heart flutters as I click on that link. Oh my god, I think while I look at this post, that could be me!!

A dirty little thing that I love. And that I know more people than me love to look through.

The free stuff section always gets me too. I know a lot of people that have picked up some good stuff just by calling. Just make sure that you go with someone, and possibly see a picture before you go. You don't want to make the mistake of going 20 minutes out of your way for something that you would never get. This section is like a garage sale, but everything is free! Who out there doesn't like a good garage sale?

And the last enjoyable thing on CL. Rants and Raves. This is a section that people anonymously post rants and raves about people they know, or things they know about. It is interesting but has taken a turn for the worst. Last year my friends and I used to read it and laugh. Now it is just something that people use to put each other down, talk about the church, belittle the gay community, or do anything else to pass their meager existence. It became trite and overplayed. Oh well you take the good with the bad.

And such is CL to me. It can be fun. It can whittle away hours of your time. It can even amuse you on occasion. Just be smart when you use it. Know what it is for, and know that it is a posting board where ANYONE can post anything. Leave it at that and you will be safe.

But one thing, don't ever 100% knock it.


  1. I will continue to knock it, and I have a few friends who will continue to as well. You got it wrong-- I was not looking for a *career.* I was looking for any postings that are not already on Monster or in the newspaper. And there are classifieds in the newspaper and on other job building sites that do not list the employer or their contact information... are you saying not to reply to those as well? Because I have replied to those ads on other sites and I have had a lot of interviews at real places with real opportunities and without the scam.

    Maybe it's different in the "bigger" cities, but for this area Craigslist just doesn't work very well.

  2. Anything you apply to will have its ups and downs... You never know. I have never got anything good from newspaper ads. It was always a run around. I don't know. Really, am I the best one to say anything, I don't even HAVE a job. So nothing I have done actually worked.

  3. Like anything worthwhile Craigslist is both good & bad. For me so far I've seen more of the good. -Claire