Friday, March 26, 2010

You my friend---are an Idiot.

I try not to be mean to my friends, I mean who of us out there wants to be MEAN to a friend. Friends are an important part to everyday life. They are the ones that are always there for you, the ones that will hold back your hair when you are puking (when your mother just blames you for drinking), and will tell you with utter distaste that those shoes that you are wearing look hideous. Friendship is much more than that but to save time, that is all I got.

My friend, lets call him "JARED" the other day made me realize why I love friends so much. He knows when I am cranky, he knows my moods, and still wants to hang out with me.

And I know that he is goofy, likes to play around, and occasionally likes attention.

So my story starts and end just as quickly as that introduction.

"JARED" and I are driving in his car up 40th street, oncoming traffic is coming past us and going onto the bridge. There in front of Wendy's it happens.

"Hey a LIMO!! Hey rich and successfully people look at me, look at me." There is Jared flailing his arms outside of the car, waving and calling attention to himself. He also sticks his head out of the window to shout, hoping that the people in this limo might just roll down a window to say 'hi'.

For a brief second I allow him to do this, not quite giggling but not quite not giggling. Then I stop. There for that second second I see something that he is not yet aware of, and if he is he doesn't recognize it. This little object, fluttering in the wind atop the cars behind the limo, makes me suck in a gasp and stop him.

"Jared stop!"

"Why? Its famous people!! Hello!!!"

I pause, knowing that this would be funnier for me than to him (possibly)."Jared, that's a funeral procession."

He stops and looks at me taken back. "But where are the little flags??" As I point out the other cars behind the limo he goes on to say, "I didn't see that! How was I to know."

I let out a snort, look at him and say, "You my friend---are an idiot..."

Anyway you look at it, your friends are your friends for a reason. Even if they flail their arms around at corpses, talk to you until all hours of the night, or just comment on your blog posting. Your friends are important and even the smallest things like a giggle in the car can mean the world and can make you understand how special friendship really is.

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  1. I love friends, too. hahaha and that's all i have to say!