Friday, April 30, 2010

Ahhh once again

Yes--You know who I am talking to! Mr. or Mrs. I leave dog poop outside of my door. Why can YOU NOT CLEAN IT UP!!! Outside the passenger side door--its still not ok, but less likely I will cause a fuss, but the drivers side door!! Come on!!

I think you are doing it on purpose. IF I find out who you are--be prepared--I will haunt your dreams, and will think up horrible things to do to your car//house steps.

So this is the final warning. I am watching!


  1. what is the scenario for this scene, I don't understand how these "bastards" are routinely placing dog poop just outside of your car door.

  2. The scene for this absurd play's setting is this.

    My car parked in the alley where I live. I park it adjacent to my apartment because it is just convenient.

    The alley where I live is---exciting in a sense because it has all sorts of people living in it.

    My car door for the most part faces the side of my apartment. There is a little patch of grass--where I WANTED to plant flowers, that is surrounded by crumbling brick wall.

    This little "sidewalk//garden area" is where apparently the poop is made. Which happens to be right by my driver's side door.

    I then moved my car so that the driver's side door was facing the other way. But it only resulted in poop bombs on both the passenger and driver side door.