Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear 91A--I adore you

For some reason I love riding the bus. Maybe it comes from the fact that in Erie the public transportation isn't---lets say---around. It comes and goes but there really isn't a mass transit. When I moved down here it took me awhile to ride the bus. I finally did it ALONE one day and I loved it ever since.

I always have funny stories about the bus, about waiting for the bus, and about the people in the bus. I usually just send my friend E a text about what is going on, but this was too good to pass up writing about.

I get on the bus at my regular stop at 43rd street--nothing unusual there. It is standing room only so I get to stand in the front and wait to see if anyone gets off. The Man in the Blue Blazer points to me two seats that are free and has me sit down in one and him in the other. We are not even to 40th street yet--so I consider this a win. On the corner of 40th and Butler is where my story starts.

A young mother carrying a lot of bags from Rite Aid gets on the bus with her four year old child. The Man in the Blue Blazer gets up for her or her child. I am trying to help her with her bags and she is thanking me. I notice her eyes (red and glazed) and her way of swaying side to side but I try to ignore it because, I am trying to be a better person.

She then starts going on about the fact that she has a two week old at home and it is so hard to deal with groceries, a four year old, and a two week old. I get this would suck. Having no kids myself and a car I can not relate fully, but her looking younger than I and having two children--that must be hard.

This woman (I really should refer to as little girl) who I now will refer to as--Orange Shoes then sits down next to me. She proceeds to talk to the people around her and the people around start talking to her and her child. The kid is a girl with a pink shirt on carrying a huge bounce ball. Then the mother proceeds to have this conversation. Up until this point I was just like--ambivalent to her and her daughter. Nothing great nothing exciting, then it was like hitting gold.

Orange Shoes, "She might look like she is good but she isn't. She is a bad girl and I don't like it. Yesterday she went up into my bed and pulled all the covers around her. That girl would not get out of the bed when I wanted to sleep in it. I have a queen size bed. We both could have slept there but no, she refused to have me in there. I had to go to the couch. I was laying there for like five minutes when I thought--who is this four year old think she is, that is my bed, and no kid is going to push me out of my own bed....


I went right up to that bedroom and beat her right then and there. I beat her pretty hard too. You can see the bruises still if you look."

Orange Shoes then proceeds to lift up her daughters arms and legs to show the people on the bus the bruises that she has on her because of this beating. At this point my mouth is wide open, I couldn't look because I was in shock. It then got better.

Orange Shoes, "It hurt didn't it? I bet you won't be trying that again huh?"


Pink Shirt then starts to talk to her mother, "Ma can I have some potato chips?"

Orange Shoes, "Why would I give you MY potato chips when you didn't share any of your gum with me. They are my chips, I would share but you didn't give me any gum when I asked you for some. I mean--why would I want to give you my food when you couldn't even give me ONE stick of gum. Then you stuck all that gum in your mouth at once. You should have known better. You should have known not to stick that much gum in your mouth."

Her child is four years old. Why didn't this "mother" tell her child not to do it, you know be a parent? It was just too much for me, between the bruises, the beating, the gum, the not sharing food with your child it was too much for me to handle.

I also liked the comment of her telling her daughter that beauty is pain...then going on about how her daughter will understand once she had to start pulling her "bushy ass eyebrows".

Then Orange Shoes fell asleep on my shoulder--perfect end to my bus ride.


  1. orange shoes needs to have children's services called on her.

  2. if i ever see her again i will try to do something about what happened. it was literally too much for me to handle at one time.