Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have you ever tried to bath a kitty?

The kitty that STILL has no name--was bathed the other day. It was a treat. I have never washed a cat and really, it was something to witness. CH tried to just take her in the shower since whenever he showers she likes to look in and walk around. This did not work at all. She clawed up the shower curtain and was literally hanging off the rod//ceiling. I would have taken pictures but--CH was also naked in the shower (he yells when I do stuff like that).

We lather her up and then I take her upstairs to the sink to wash off. While in my bath towel, which was hard to hold the towel up and then wash Stink Butt. She was a lot better in the sink than in the shower. When I tried to dry her off she looked like a little rat. I laughed so hard. I have never seen a wet cat other than the one my one friend B has on his facebook page. It was the best.

I can not wait to give her another bath down the road.

Btw--she now smells like Freesias.

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