Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Complicated

I get it. I am not a 50 year old woman that has gone through a divorce, I can not relate in that way. I do not need another person telling me that. It will not change my opinion, I loved "It's Complicated".

I do not care that I could not relate to a woman that has terrible things happen to her, like a husband cheating on her and then marrying the girl that he cheated on her with. Oh wait, I was cheated on and then my boyfriend started dating the girl he was with saying to me, "well you have the problem, so I'm with her now." I can relate to that. And I can relate to a relationship ending and then trying to get it back because the memory of it was just so great, after awhile, that why wouldn't you want to try again, only to have it FAIL.

I can relate, I think when others look at it this way, they could relate too. Do not just see two older actors and think, no never been there because really, we all have. This movie is great on so many levels. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are amazing in this movie. They have chemistry and show a sort of togetherness that I haven't seen since I last watched Sherlock Holmes. They are good in this movie together and play off of each other.

I laughed so hard when this movie was on that I stopped it so that CH and I could watch it together. He like many others said that he is not a "50 year old man so he didn't have interest" I watched the rest and wanted to share it with everyone. It has great one liners like, "(Alec Baldwin's character) And I like that you stopped getting bikini waxes. You've gone native. I was into it!", and the transition to what the family felt pre//post divorce was touching. I've been there myself so I could relate to the children in this movie and their discomfort and grief over what was and what could have been.

I loved it, and I would encourage everyone out there to watch it---but watch it with an open mind and see the core issues and love it for what it is, a funny movie.

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