Wednesday, May 5, 2010


CH got us a kitty. Yeah, I know...a kitty. It was defiantly a shock to me. Not that I haven't whined about wanting a kitty, but the fact that he just said, "ok" to one is beyond me.

When I first asked if he would like to adopt a kitty he told me, "no." He didn't want the responsibility that comes with having an animal. Ok, I was just bored at home and wanted something to take up my time.

CH then came home with two Beta fish. He told me that these can keep me company. I know what you might be thinking, fish--they are decoration not actual pets. I love fish though, love them so much. I set up their tanks and got creative with where I was going to put them etc, etc. Named one Red Fish one Blue Fish--I think everyone will know why. (If not, one was red one was blue.)

CH said that if I took care of the fish then maybe he will think about a kitty. Whatever, I was happy with the fish--for a little bit. Then I started asking again for a kitty, once again--"no."

Then out of the blue his brother calls to say that since they are moving they have to get rid of their kitty. I wanted to go and pick out one from the pound, but I agreed to at least look at this kitty.

Super cute. And when they asked if we wanted her I paused. CH then took opportunity to then jump and say--"Now? Sure!" With an astounded look on my face--we now have a kitty.

I am still not sure how I felt about Kitty (who still doesn't have a name). It is weird to actually have a pet that isn't a fish. I've never had a pet before that was just mine. It is a weird feeling.

I got her a cute little kitty outfit, a cute kitty collar, and a cute little bitty kitty bed. She is a nice attachment to the house, and soon I will get used to having a playful kitty around.


  1. I expect I will end up seeing a ton of pics on facebook.