Thursday, May 13, 2010


While creeping on facebook I clicked on this link on my friend's profile. It was titled the 10 worst paying college degrees. Of course being an unemployed college graduate I just had to take a look.

What was funny is the comment section of the article. Where anyone who wants could write about the subject. What brought tears to my eyes as I read it was this little gem. For those who click the link I am sure--SURE you will find what I am talking about.

What others are saying

  • This English major is doing just fine!
    @LiberalArts-- Both my husband and I are doing just fine with English degrees, thank you very much. He's in sales and I'm in public health. You can go anywhere with a (good) English degree!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. This is hilarious. My response is this.

Dear Betsy--

Where are you buying the crack you are smoking? Because you lady are living in a different universe. Congratulations on your sense of security while looking at the world with rose colored glasses. I hope one day I will feel the same. Hell, I wish someday MOST of the English majors that I know will feel how you feel. But that time is not now. So go back to your perfect job in PUBLIC HEALTH (what???) and enjoy using your degree to clean up people's shit. I bet when you were reading Chaucer back in the day you dreamed about being in public health. Congratulations on achieving your dreams.


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  1. the title of this should be ROTFL. I saw that article too and I was just happy that it didn't blatently say "English majors" but rather "Fine Arts" hahaha

    sales?? no thank you! And Public health?! I went into English for a REASON!