Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am so excited. Memorial day weekend is the weekend that the POOL IS FINALLY OPEN!!! CH said that he had a surprise for me that weekend and I was racking my brain to decide what it was. He said it was special and would make me really happy. Hmmmm.... No idea. While we were out at dinner I was still bothering him about it. Then I started thinking, what happens on Memorial day.

1. the beaches officially open
2. waldermeer is finally really open

I screamed at dinner--and then shouted, "OMG the pool is open!"

I guessed it. But I feel that this will be something that we will get into more fights about. CH hates the fact that I am unemployed, granted I hated it when he was unemployed for over a year too, so I understand. The fact that I could be going to the pool every day while he is at work kills him.

He wants me to get a job instead of going to the pool and just being "f-unemployed". I would love to get a job. Under the circumstance that I love the next job that I get. I want one that will pay well and that I like going to, those are the only requirements that I need. Until that time comes then I will stay unemployed and continue to do things in the day in the city that I never had the chance to do before. :-)

Is this selfish of me? I need to know. I pay my bills and have extra money for fun things. I do not understand the objection to be being on unemployment. It is there for the reason that if someone gets laid off---they can have money to live on. I am looking for work, and I work a part-time job to supplement it. Is what I am doing wrong??? I have no issues with it...maybe I should hear from others, other than CH who is very irritated by it.

I still can't wait to go to the pool!!!


  1. I am jealous because I have/had a job, still couldn't pay bills. And now I (voluntarily and temporarily) don't have a job, and will not have an income AT ALL for 3+months... so I will NOT be able to do fun things with you.

    So... At least you have an income!?

  2. If you work p.t. you're not unemployed.

  3. thank you!! but since it is not 40hrs he says it doesn't count. pfft... and amy!!! do not worry. lots of fun stuff to do that has nothing to do with money. so i will plan accordingly.

  4. In this job climate, it isn't realistic to just live off unemployment until you find your dream job, concomitant with a fat paycheck. You will be searching until your unemployment runs out - especially if your doing your searching at the local pool. Like most people without much real world job experience, you must often work your way through multiple menial jobs to get that 'dream job.' So i would hold off on buying that season's pass to Waldermeer, and invest in some resume building workshops instead.

  5. Def not getting a season pass to Waldermeer--it is different from the pool. Resume building won't help when you don't actually know what you want to do.

    I went through four years of college expecting to get out of there with a degree but more than that job prospects. I was sadly mistaken. I worked a job that paid well and was 'interesting' because it kept me on my toes.

    My goal was to go back to grad school and to find something after that. More education I thought would be the key. But what is the point of going to grad school unless there is something out there that I want to obtain from it.

    It boils down to this--do I know what I want to do? No. Why then put myself through more school if the outcome could be the same?

    I want something for me, something that I will love, and soon I hope to find it.

    I've been looking into more programs at the local schools, trying to find if something will be there that appeals to what I like and want.