Monday, May 10, 2010

You moldy bread---are sneaky

Here I am at the local Pgh coffee shop using the Internet. The FREE Internet, not like at a nation wide coffee shop that makes you pay for Internet, but that is not the point. I always get myself a drink while sitting here typing at my computer--it is only fair, free Internet is never "really" free. I try to bring some bagels to the coffee shop because I only get drinks, not food when I have food at my apartment. Granted--I have drinks at my apartment too BUT lugging my computer and a drink would be heavy and I am lazy and my shoulder hurts.

Today I get in my usual spot and I go and order my iced tea -- no sugar-- and a side of cream cheese. Only a side of cream cheese because I did not want to bring my cream cheese out of the fridge and have it sit here at the coffee shop. The Barista gave me a look that suggested insanity when I assured here that "yes, I only want a side of cream cheese." I then go back to my computer and start eating my bagel. Yummy-- dipping it into the cream cheese container, I did not remember to get a knife and this was just easier, remember my shoulder hurts. I eat not really looking at the bagel because I am "creeping" online. Then I look down... While I am looking down I ask myself the question, I got a raisin bagel? Hmm... I don't usually buy bagels with fruit in them. I look closely not only are their raisin looking things on and in my bagel, it is covered with a green mold.

Ugh... So I have consumed about 1/3 of my moldy bagel and not only was I disgusted by the fact that I ate that much of it, I was also concerned when I thought, "well I've gone this far--what if I just scrape the rest off."

I put the bagel in the bag right then and there and threw it away. I now have a container of cream cheese next to me. I was thinking about just scooping it up and plopping it into my mouth--since I am hungry. Or do I go back up to the Barista, who already gave me a creepy look when I just ordered a little tub of cream cheese, and ask for a bagel? A bagel about 20 minutes after I ordered the cream cheese....

Apparently this has happened to other people before. I googled, not because I was concerned but just because, Moldy---and what popped up was I ATE A MOLDY BAGEL. One of the links told me not to worry. So I feel fine now that the Internet doctors out there have given me their OK. Thank you YAHOO answers for helping me with all facets of my life.

This is not as bad as it could have been. When I was living with my friend B he made himself a sandwich and it contained maggots in the bread. HE ATE IT ALL. I came home and I thought he was going to die, well I thought I was going to die while laughing at him and simultaneously throwing up. MAGGOTS. Ugh... All I ate was penicillin, he ate fish bait.

Oh life.... how you bring these little joys to me daily.

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