Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mary Ware Dennett

I am in love with a book that I just picked up at the library. It is called "The Sex Side of Life, Mary Ware Dennett's Pioneering Battle for Birth Control and Sex Education." This book is seriously great. It has such great quotes in it and I am only on page 56!

This book makes you want to stand up MORE for the cause of women, birth control, sex education, and society. I like how the book shows you how the changes grew from not speaking about anything, to being thrown in jail for publishing or talking about anything sex related. Our country has come a long way, but we still have ways to go.

I would suggest that everyone should read this book, and be thankful that this woman stood up for what she believed in.

Visiting Adagio ---- Again

I love to make sure that all of my woman parts are in order, who wouldn't? After I lost my job, I also lost my insurance coverage. I could of course go with the coverage that the state offered, not CHIP but something like that, for lets see....about $500 a month or so. Hahaha. Oh that made me laugh when I opened that letter up.

Moving on. Right before I was laid off I had a sonogram because of some pelvic pains. Turns out I have a 3.4 cm cyst on my left side. Has anyone looked at a ruler lately? That is over an inch long. I put up a ruler to my pelvis area this cyst covers a lot of ground. They basically told me that I had to go and get more tests (aka sonograms) so they can track it. Well, even with insurance my sonogram visit was $300 out of my pocket. Now without insurance---who knows.

That is the bad news. The good news! Is that I need a job so I can get insurance. I mean it, but that is not the good news, that is just old news.

I went back to Adagio because, lets face it, it is free. I like to go there because they are very nice and I feel taken care of. Granted it is a little ghetto but, if the care is there, then I have no complaints.

I spoke to the nurse and she told me that I basically have to deal with the pain. I need to eventually get another sonogram but until that happens there is nothing they can say or do. I also asked with tears in my eyes if this means that I could not have kids, she looked at me and laughed. She said, "Honey nothing here suggests that you won't be able to have kids, but we need to look at it again." I left happy knowing that I one, wasn't about to die and two, that I could have babies if I wanted, which I do not right now.

The best news is while I was there I got to get free condoms AND then free WOMEN condoms. I have never seen a women condom before. I got the brochure and there I sat in the waiting room pouring over this. I was amazed at the pictures that they have in this thing. It was awesome.

Of course I probably looked like a creep with my face close to the paper, eyes slightly widened, with a slight grin on my face. I brought some home with me.

They basically look like a trash bag for the vagina. It is weird. I want to try them out to see what it is all about. I have no real use for women condoms so this should be an experiment and an experience!

I came home and I said to CH, "LOOK I BROUGHT YOU PRESENTS." He watched as I poured the condoms male and female across the kitchen table and goes, "What is for me again?" I said that it all was for him but I also snuck some of the Natural Cough Drops from the office for him specifically. He was more excited over the cough drops than our potential experiment. :-) I then read out loud certain parts of the manual and he just shook his head and told me that he was going to bed. He said that I was a weirdo. I mean it is something new and exciting to do and to try out. Kinda like when I went to Anthrocon. I will say if it is a heads up or a heads down. I am sure that everyone is interested.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Men----think before you speak

Last night I tried telling CH a story. This is basically how it went.

"I was walking to the bus stop from work and these guys--"

"Could I beat them up?"

"Um...there were two of them so I don't--"

"Even if there were two could I take them?"



"So these guys were talking LOUDLY to themselves as I walked by and they said--"

"Wait they talked to you?"

"No they were talking to themselves, but loudly and I heard them."

"So they were hitting on you."

"No, they were talking to themselves....and I over heard."

"K, but I could still beat them up?"

"Yeah. Well they were talking and they said, 'Man that girl has a fat ass. I would like to....'"

"They did hit on you! Why didn't you call me so I could beat them up?"

"(Mouth open) For the love of GOD they were not hitting on me they were talking to themselves and they were just being rude. You are retarded!!! Why do you just want to beat up people?? Hmmm....You have a problem."

"But I COULD have taken them??? If it came to that."

"Yes you ass. You could have taken the two forty year old men that were making weirdo comments. You would have beat them bloody and stood over their bodies as the champion! Now... the point is. Do I HAVE A BIG BUTT??"


Silence as I walk out of the room.

"But honey I love it!!"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Get permission before you exercise your FREEDOM OF SPEECH

While I was reading the Pittsburgh Post Gazette yesterday I was drawn to one of the cover stories in the LOCAL section. The article entitled "Arts festival spawns free-speech challenge" seemed interesting. Since I was waiting for a friend to arrive for lunch I dove right in.

Apparently there is a law on the Pennsylvania books that regulates, "expression of views and distribution of material" in state parks, unless written permission is received.

Interesting. One of the people they told to get out and to stop was a balloon artist. OH MY GOD STOP THE BALLOONS NOW!! But really, how could Pa have a law that makes expression of views illegal in a park. Parks are there for enjoyment, where bands play, where festivals are held, it is a place where people gather. When people gather in a non-violent fashion then what is the problem with a few people talking about politics or making balloon animals? Isn't getting the message heard to the masses the point of it, and what better way to do it in a park where people are going to be around. If you do not want to participate, you walk away. No big deal.

This comes after the whole G20 protest hit Pittsburgh, but the law has been around since 1971. I think that it could have been worse. They could have put up "free speech zones" at the park for these people. Who wouldn't like to be in a set area fenced in exercising their right to free speech.....I know that a few of the peaceful marches for the G20 were stopped because they did not have a permit to assemble or they were not in a free speech zone.

I think that the governments addiction to taking Rights away is appalling. There should not be a set place where people have to go to talk or protest. They should be able to mix and mingle with supporters. If they are peaceful and do no harm this should not be a problem.

I get the argument out there that people could become violent at the drop of a hat. That is the case with supporters and with non-supporters, why exclude one and not the other.

I fear that the days of protesting are long past, with the government and local law officials making it so hard for a voice to be heard, why even bother. There is talk that my generation is stuck and does nothing, or stands up for nothing, parents talk of the this "protest era" where college campuses were filled with students lending a voice, where they took their fight to the streets.

Now looking at this, it is not that our generation is lazy and not interested, it is because we are no longer allowed to do this. We have our rights taken away, and if we protest it, we are then in jail. The American way of life is leaving, maybe it is time to start a revolution. But before then, I'll start filling out the paperwork for the permit. Getting permission for something never felt so bad.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forced Pooling

I am on a bit of a political rant these days. :-)

Has anyone read anything about what the Natural Gas Industry is trying to get passed???? Well let me show you a little bit. The link shows the bill that Bud George is trying to get passed that DOES NOT include forced pooling. We want the bill to pass because the severance tax on the companies would draw a large amount of revenue for the state, but we do not want forced pooling to be included.

Forced Pooling
Forced pooling is a government process by which the unwilling or unavailable mineral rights owner would be forced to lease his or her interest in exchange for a royalty share. Currently, some form of forced pooling exists in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and New York, although the applicability of forced pooling as well as the rights and duties of those force-pooled vary considerably. The process is that a gas producer would file a pooling application with the appropriate government agency, and following notice and an opportunity to respond, the agency may issue a pooling order setting forth the terms and conditions of the forced pooling, including compensations for the unwilling owner.

If you were a land owner and 60% of your neighbors wanted to have Natural Gas wells drilled on their land, you being in the 40% that did not, would automatically HAVE TO ALLOW the wells to be drilled. You can not make that decision on your own, you would be forced into allowing a company on your property and destroying your wildlife and vegetation because of that 60% that decided to drill.

This is terrible and bullshit. Once again companies and corporations should not be allowed to make decisions for landowners. They should not be bigger and more important than the people who live in the area. Take a stand and write and support the severance tax WITHOUT forced pooling.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

State of the Union Address

Ok... I will admit, I wanted to watch this really bad. I was at work so I have to YouTube it a day later. Before I get started let me give you a back story. CH and I have a television in our apartment, but it is not hooked up to anything except his Game Cube or 64. We have no channels and we have no cable. I do not get to watch the news and most of the stuff I hear about, it makes me not want to know anymore.

The oil rig exploding has been a huge thing. Not only because of what it means to the Gulf but what it means for our country. It is important to learn and to know about the issue. I might not get it right all the time, so I look to everyone reading to make sense and to explain, but for now, lets look at Obama's address.

It is now June 16th Obama sat down for his address yesterday. This horrific thing that happened was on April 20th. I know that he has been to the Gulf a few times between these two dates, why hasn't he come forward sooner? Three months is a long time to go without saying a word. Did he think that it was going to get better and was he just 'waiting it out'? My aunt lives down in Florida. She called and told me that it is good that I got to come and visit last year, because I got to see the white sandy beaches before they were destroyed. The oil balls are destroying the coastline and she is pissed. Down there they still talk about Hurricane Ivan that came through and the destruction that is still seen. Ivan came in 2004.

The rig was responsible for the death of 11 workers, and almost 20 injured. What I would like to know is this. Recently the Supreme Court ruled that companies are to be seen as people in regards to campaign contributions. They are allowed unlimited spending on candidates because they are allowed the freedom of free speech. Their contributions are their way of speaking out, deciding, just like a person. Obama stated that this was,“a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans.”

So big oil has its voice. Big oil is like a citizen of this country that can contribute to what it wants when it wants. IF big oil is in itself a citizen, then why can they not be tried in the deaths of 11 workers. I know that if I killed 11 people I would go to jail, so why doesn't the CEO the person in charge of safety for these rigs be tried with murder? I might be going a little over board, but we are not just losing our coastline, we lost lives, if this was in another country you bet your ass soldiers would be over there "cleaning up the mess", but because these corporations are so huge, they are now, untouchable.

Obama wants BP to pay. They are making an account that BP will not be in charge of and putting this 20 MILLION dollars into escrow. That amount is not capped, if they need more BP will pay it out. BP will then have no control over the compensation of this account. Which leads me to this query--if Obama said that the Mineral Management Service was so corrupt that it allowed Big Oil to get away with anything, then why would this BP having no control over the money work out. Anything and anyone can become corrupt if the money and the opportunity is right. How will we know that the escrow account will be untouchable? Obama said that MMS needs to be the watch dog to the Oil industry not its partner, I just hope that this account remains untouched by BP and actually does the good it intends to do.

Then Obama changed topics to discuss drilling, why he allowed it--because the Industry told him it was safe and what he is doing now to ensure that this never happens again. He put a six month moratorium on off shore drilling. He wants to gather more facts about it so that something like this never happens again. A little too late Obama, a little too late. You should have looked at all the facts before you approved something that requires drilling 50 miles off the coast and 5 miles into the Earth. For a President why wouldn't you look into the process before you approve it, and why would you take the word of the Oil Companies?

When he mentioned the Clean Energy Bill I did applaud him. When he mentioned that China does it yet we are not, I laughed and applauded him louder. Nothing will enrage Americans more to know that one of the most over populated dirtiest air quality countries is taking more strides than we are to become cleaner. Go you Obama play the America is not #1 card!

There is an energy bill out there, there is cleaner ways for people to live than using fossil fuels. The options are out there. It is time after looking at what has happened for us to stand up and DEMAND that our government works for us to protect our interests not the interests of big companies and corporations. Look at the devastation in the gulf. When big business is running and controlling the game the consequences are at the least tragic and devastating. Obama started this rolling. We should look to what happened in the Gulf and from 1991 over in the Persian Gulf. Things will turn around and things will look better, but after it all settles will we look back and say we made it through and sit down with a look of apathy or will we fight to make sure this never happens again? It is not up to the few, it is up to us all to raise up and to demand better sources of fuel, and to demand that things like this never happen again.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Just click the link and read... It is interesting as well as difficult to believe.

Men and Trucks

I spent this weekend up in Erie because my youngest sister just graduated high school. Yeah, how old do I feel. While visiting I did not have a car of my own because my gracious mother picked me up half way. Driving back and forth to Erie and everywhere in between I got to look around more so than I usually do. Which leads me to my need to vocalize my concern.

Why the hell--if you are going to buy a truck do you buy a short bed? I just do not get it. The point of having a truck, in my opinion is to have the room to tow stuff around, to lay down and watch the stars, and to have the room to just put whatever in the back of your truck.

Now tell me, what the heck is that truck going to do? It is the equivalent of Colin Firth coming to tell me that he loves me, but has ED and we would never be able to have sex. Yeah it looks good, yes it will run, but there is just something wrong with it. A short bed truck is a let down to women and men out there. Please if you are going to buy a truck do it with style. Go for the entire thing, do not sell yourself short.

I love trucks, but would I date someone with a short bed? Probably not. Look at the picture!! It is like a little CHODE of a truck. I would be embarrassed to be a man and buy something like that. I do not know why but it just irritates me. Ugh... Why buy half of a truck!!!

Trust me, I have my own kinky issues about men and trucks. I think that most women out there might have the same ideas. The hot man getting out of his dusty truck after a hard day at work. Tool belt in hand (I still have that tool belt fantasy) coming in to the house where he has to get a shower to wash all that manly sweat off of him.......I think my fantasy about a cowboy//country boy is about to be put to work today. Maybe that is why that I just need to have the full bed. Because of what it says. Full bed vs. Short bed, the connotations there (sexual) just add up to buying the full bed.

I have friends that have short beds. I get that they use them and they just do not have the room for an entire truck. I get that they are useful and when it comes down to it they will hold more than my '98 Zx2. But for me, I would offer a suggestion to all those out there looking for trucks. Go big, or go home.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Diary (A RANT)

Yesterday I was in a foul mood. I was out with a friend sitting in Shenley Plaza on the Pitt campus. I was there trying to find information about their Teaching Certificate program. We were sitting at a table in the Plaza looking up directions on her Garmin. Out of the blue two girls//women came up to us. I was already flustered due to some issues with dollars being changed into quarters when they came up to us--basically I was in a mood.

"Excuse me ladies, can I ask you a question?" Now this should have been an automatic response of "NO" but I indulged, just thinking what if they are lost and they see the Garmin, they just must want help. Wrong. When they were allowed to proceed they did with zeal.

"Do you like Jesus? Do you have a relationship with him?" Pause. Imagine what my face looks like at this point. Yeah.....I am the one who hates things like this. I believe in my God//my religion//my faith, but I do not believe in hugging, touching, going out to minister the word of Christ to people. It is their opinion and their beliefs so I do not fuck with what people chose or do not chose to believe in. It is just not me and I abhor anyone who tries to do this. It is just wrong, it is just creepy and I just don't like having religion shoved down my throat when I already have faith. There I am looking stunned that this happened. Amy spoke first.

"My mom talks to me enough about Jesus (or God)." That I thought was a good response, but they didn't stop there with her.

"Well you sound upset with that, you don't like talking to her about it? What don't you like?"

She finally just said that she is comfortable with what she believes in and what she does about it. Then they turned to me. Of course I am already riled up due to the quarter issue AND already stunned that this has happened so I did not know what to say when they directed those questions at me.

I just twisted my fingers together and told them that, "Jesus and I are tight. We have a good relationship and I am cool with my faith and religion." Very cut and dry and to the point. I thought they would go away. Wrong again.

"Well would you like to learn about the bible and his work more?"

Then I laughed, "No, I do not need creepy stuff like that in my life." What my friend BW and CH said I should have said was that I am Catholic, we have tradition, we do not need scripture. A running joke between us Catholics, Protestants, and I believe Lutherans.

When told that response they got upset and defensive. "What do you mean by creepy, you sound like you -----" At this point I tuned them out and got a call from BW about lunch. They stood there for a second before walking away. CH when told this story later with BW said this, "Well they were just doing what Jesus did, walking around spreading the good word," then laughed.

I want to make this clear. I do not want to be approached or talked about in regard to religion. It is not my thing. I find it offensive and creepy. If I talk about it in a discussion it is fine, but not dive bombed like that in the middle of a Park. I have my beliefs and I am secure in them. Please do not approach me, the next time---I might not be as nice.