Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Diary (A RANT)

Yesterday I was in a foul mood. I was out with a friend sitting in Shenley Plaza on the Pitt campus. I was there trying to find information about their Teaching Certificate program. We were sitting at a table in the Plaza looking up directions on her Garmin. Out of the blue two girls//women came up to us. I was already flustered due to some issues with dollars being changed into quarters when they came up to us--basically I was in a mood.

"Excuse me ladies, can I ask you a question?" Now this should have been an automatic response of "NO" but I indulged, just thinking what if they are lost and they see the Garmin, they just must want help. Wrong. When they were allowed to proceed they did with zeal.

"Do you like Jesus? Do you have a relationship with him?" Pause. Imagine what my face looks like at this point. Yeah.....I am the one who hates things like this. I believe in my God//my religion//my faith, but I do not believe in hugging, touching, going out to minister the word of Christ to people. It is their opinion and their beliefs so I do not fuck with what people chose or do not chose to believe in. It is just not me and I abhor anyone who tries to do this. It is just wrong, it is just creepy and I just don't like having religion shoved down my throat when I already have faith. There I am looking stunned that this happened. Amy spoke first.

"My mom talks to me enough about Jesus (or God)." That I thought was a good response, but they didn't stop there with her.

"Well you sound upset with that, you don't like talking to her about it? What don't you like?"

She finally just said that she is comfortable with what she believes in and what she does about it. Then they turned to me. Of course I am already riled up due to the quarter issue AND already stunned that this has happened so I did not know what to say when they directed those questions at me.

I just twisted my fingers together and told them that, "Jesus and I are tight. We have a good relationship and I am cool with my faith and religion." Very cut and dry and to the point. I thought they would go away. Wrong again.

"Well would you like to learn about the bible and his work more?"

Then I laughed, "No, I do not need creepy stuff like that in my life." What my friend BW and CH said I should have said was that I am Catholic, we have tradition, we do not need scripture. A running joke between us Catholics, Protestants, and I believe Lutherans.

When told that response they got upset and defensive. "What do you mean by creepy, you sound like you -----" At this point I tuned them out and got a call from BW about lunch. They stood there for a second before walking away. CH when told this story later with BW said this, "Well they were just doing what Jesus did, walking around spreading the good word," then laughed.

I want to make this clear. I do not want to be approached or talked about in regard to religion. It is not my thing. I find it offensive and creepy. If I talk about it in a discussion it is fine, but not dive bombed like that in the middle of a Park. I have my beliefs and I am secure in them. Please do not approach me, the next time---I might not be as nice.

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  1. So I shouldn't ask you if you have found the Flying Spaghetti Monster then? :)