Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forced Pooling

I am on a bit of a political rant these days. :-)

Has anyone read anything about what the Natural Gas Industry is trying to get passed???? Well let me show you a little bit. The link shows the bill that Bud George is trying to get passed that DOES NOT include forced pooling. We want the bill to pass because the severance tax on the companies would draw a large amount of revenue for the state, but we do not want forced pooling to be included.

Forced Pooling
Forced pooling is a government process by which the unwilling or unavailable mineral rights owner would be forced to lease his or her interest in exchange for a royalty share. Currently, some form of forced pooling exists in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and New York, although the applicability of forced pooling as well as the rights and duties of those force-pooled vary considerably. The process is that a gas producer would file a pooling application with the appropriate government agency, and following notice and an opportunity to respond, the agency may issue a pooling order setting forth the terms and conditions of the forced pooling, including compensations for the unwilling owner.

If you were a land owner and 60% of your neighbors wanted to have Natural Gas wells drilled on their land, you being in the 40% that did not, would automatically HAVE TO ALLOW the wells to be drilled. You can not make that decision on your own, you would be forced into allowing a company on your property and destroying your wildlife and vegetation because of that 60% that decided to drill.

This is terrible and bullshit. Once again companies and corporations should not be allowed to make decisions for landowners. They should not be bigger and more important than the people who live in the area. Take a stand and write and support the severance tax WITHOUT forced pooling.

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