Monday, June 14, 2010

Men and Trucks

I spent this weekend up in Erie because my youngest sister just graduated high school. Yeah, how old do I feel. While visiting I did not have a car of my own because my gracious mother picked me up half way. Driving back and forth to Erie and everywhere in between I got to look around more so than I usually do. Which leads me to my need to vocalize my concern.

Why the hell--if you are going to buy a truck do you buy a short bed? I just do not get it. The point of having a truck, in my opinion is to have the room to tow stuff around, to lay down and watch the stars, and to have the room to just put whatever in the back of your truck.

Now tell me, what the heck is that truck going to do? It is the equivalent of Colin Firth coming to tell me that he loves me, but has ED and we would never be able to have sex. Yeah it looks good, yes it will run, but there is just something wrong with it. A short bed truck is a let down to women and men out there. Please if you are going to buy a truck do it with style. Go for the entire thing, do not sell yourself short.

I love trucks, but would I date someone with a short bed? Probably not. Look at the picture!! It is like a little CHODE of a truck. I would be embarrassed to be a man and buy something like that. I do not know why but it just irritates me. Ugh... Why buy half of a truck!!!

Trust me, I have my own kinky issues about men and trucks. I think that most women out there might have the same ideas. The hot man getting out of his dusty truck after a hard day at work. Tool belt in hand (I still have that tool belt fantasy) coming in to the house where he has to get a shower to wash all that manly sweat off of him.......I think my fantasy about a cowboy//country boy is about to be put to work today. Maybe that is why that I just need to have the full bed. Because of what it says. Full bed vs. Short bed, the connotations there (sexual) just add up to buying the full bed.

I have friends that have short beds. I get that they use them and they just do not have the room for an entire truck. I get that they are useful and when it comes down to it they will hold more than my '98 Zx2. But for me, I would offer a suggestion to all those out there looking for trucks. Go big, or go home.

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