Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Men----think before you speak

Last night I tried telling CH a story. This is basically how it went.

"I was walking to the bus stop from work and these guys--"

"Could I beat them up?"

"Um...there were two of them so I don't--"

"Even if there were two could I take them?"



"So these guys were talking LOUDLY to themselves as I walked by and they said--"

"Wait they talked to you?"

"No they were talking to themselves, but loudly and I heard them."

"So they were hitting on you."

"No, they were talking to themselves....and I over heard."

"K, but I could still beat them up?"

"Yeah. Well they were talking and they said, 'Man that girl has a fat ass. I would like to....'"

"They did hit on you! Why didn't you call me so I could beat them up?"

"(Mouth open) For the love of GOD they were not hitting on me they were talking to themselves and they were just being rude. You are retarded!!! Why do you just want to beat up people?? Hmmm....You have a problem."

"But I COULD have taken them??? If it came to that."

"Yes you ass. You could have taken the two forty year old men that were making weirdo comments. You would have beat them bloody and stood over their bodies as the champion! Now... the point is. Do I HAVE A BIG BUTT??"


Silence as I walk out of the room.

"But honey I love it!!"


  1. I love blogs because of posts like this, keep 'em coming.