Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visiting Adagio ---- Again

I love to make sure that all of my woman parts are in order, who wouldn't? After I lost my job, I also lost my insurance coverage. I could of course go with the coverage that the state offered, not CHIP but something like that, for lets see....about $500 a month or so. Hahaha. Oh that made me laugh when I opened that letter up.

Moving on. Right before I was laid off I had a sonogram because of some pelvic pains. Turns out I have a 3.4 cm cyst on my left side. Has anyone looked at a ruler lately? That is over an inch long. I put up a ruler to my pelvis area this cyst covers a lot of ground. They basically told me that I had to go and get more tests (aka sonograms) so they can track it. Well, even with insurance my sonogram visit was $300 out of my pocket. Now without insurance---who knows.

That is the bad news. The good news! Is that I need a job so I can get insurance. I mean it, but that is not the good news, that is just old news.

I went back to Adagio because, lets face it, it is free. I like to go there because they are very nice and I feel taken care of. Granted it is a little ghetto but, if the care is there, then I have no complaints.

I spoke to the nurse and she told me that I basically have to deal with the pain. I need to eventually get another sonogram but until that happens there is nothing they can say or do. I also asked with tears in my eyes if this means that I could not have kids, she looked at me and laughed. She said, "Honey nothing here suggests that you won't be able to have kids, but we need to look at it again." I left happy knowing that I one, wasn't about to die and two, that I could have babies if I wanted, which I do not right now.

The best news is while I was there I got to get free condoms AND then free WOMEN condoms. I have never seen a women condom before. I got the brochure and there I sat in the waiting room pouring over this. I was amazed at the pictures that they have in this thing. It was awesome.

Of course I probably looked like a creep with my face close to the paper, eyes slightly widened, with a slight grin on my face. I brought some home with me.

They basically look like a trash bag for the vagina. It is weird. I want to try them out to see what it is all about. I have no real use for women condoms so this should be an experiment and an experience!

I came home and I said to CH, "LOOK I BROUGHT YOU PRESENTS." He watched as I poured the condoms male and female across the kitchen table and goes, "What is for me again?" I said that it all was for him but I also snuck some of the Natural Cough Drops from the office for him specifically. He was more excited over the cough drops than our potential experiment. :-) I then read out loud certain parts of the manual and he just shook his head and told me that he was going to bed. He said that I was a weirdo. I mean it is something new and exciting to do and to try out. Kinda like when I went to Anthrocon. I will say if it is a heads up or a heads down. I am sure that everyone is interested.


  1. So, have you tried the female condoms yet. I expect a full report, when you do.

    I am curious that the only picture where the woman is not clean shaven, is the one in which actual insertion is shown/implied, but the other pics show clean shaven mons pubis. I am not saying I have a preference one way or the other. I actually like all styles, but was it necessary to go out of one's way to draw in pubes on the one that is having intercourse correctly?

    Roughly estimating that the hand of the woman in the second photo is approximately 8 inches in length and calculating that the penis shown is roughly 80% that of the woman's hand it is simple to calculate that the penis she is inserting into herself is about 6.5 inches long.
    Doing the same type of calculation we can assume the diameter is approximately 20% that of the woman's hand length giving us a penis diameter of roughly 1.5 inches. Assuming a circular penis we can find the girth by finding the circumference. using the formula G = Pi*D where G is girth, D is diameter, and Pi is ~3.14 we find the girth (G) of the penis to be about 5 inches around.
    These calculations are rough and since I assumed a female hand length above average female hand length (~6.7 in) I calculated an above average penis size, however using the average hand size gives approx 5.36 inches, which is on par with average penis length (~5-6 inches). Of course the larger one's hand size the larger the penis one needs.

  2. tried them. am writing about them now!