Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh Sweet Jesus PLEASE

I got a call from Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh yesterday. They received my resume and decided to call me about the job that I applied to. HOORAY, I almost puked all over myself because it was such a shock.

I guess I made the top ten?! HR then told me that they need to narrow it down to the top FIVE, and if I make the cut, I come in for an interview. Which is kinda like saying, "you were good, but not great."

I know it might be a lot to ask. But I need a job, I need something good like this, I COULD WALK TO WORK!! I know it is a long shot, but I am hoping for that call back. I do not want to be unemployed anymore!!!

Please pray!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I want to re-do my resume. I need opinions//help. Anyone down?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to NOT get a Job

I was called yesterday by the business AIL or American Income Life. They told me that they saw my resume on and they thought I would REALLY fit the position. What position I then asked. They had an Administrative Assistant and some other Administrative jobs available.

Fine, and I set up an interview time. Then I did some research. Try GOOGLING American Income Life.

I knew that I had to at LEAST go to the job interview after looking up the scam info. I mean really, after my FIRST interview in Pittsburgh with a pyramid scam how could I resist another scam. I think that doing interviews is really helpful in preparing for an adult future. I was going to use this interview as 1. practice for interviews and 2. to take notes in my notebook of anything fishy going on.

But alas, I did not get the chance to do either. I got to the waiting room and spoke to the receptionist about my interview, they forgot to put me on the list. Already--I was pleased with the company. I then gave her my name and sat and waited, and waited, and waited a bit more. I was just getting into my second magazine when I heard, "Delinea?" I responded with, "AH-the-lee-na?" I looked up and this woman wearing a pink sweater was in the doorway. Her handshake was very no nonsense and firm. She asked me the same question that all the people being pulled to the back were asked, "So where are you coming from?" I answered and we made our way to her back corner, no windowed, office.

She asked me if I looked at the website and I told her yes with a smile on my face about all the other websites I visited just that morning. She then started to talk to me about life insurance. I must have gave her a questioning look, "here in our office we do have our workers selling life insurance policies."

I responded back with, "when I spoke to the representative on the phone she assured me that I would be interviewing for an admin position within the company."

Pink Sweater just blinked. Blink Blink. Blink. "Oh," she replied, "we already filled those positions."

"All the admin positions were filled in one day?" I just paused after this.

"Well since you are here I can now interview you for the Insurance saleswoman position. Are you interested in selling insurance?"

Now friends, this is where apparently I made my mistake. I do not think that my response was mean, I do not think that I did anything wrong. She asked me if I wanted to sell insurance. No I do not, I came to the job interview for a different position, I never agreed to be an Insurance salesperson.

"No." Just one word answer and that got Pink Sweater in a huff. I actually was semi-concerned for her as well as me as she led me out of her office.

"My husband is a stay at home dad because of my working here. I bring in a lot of money, and I do VERY well for myself. Just this year I bought him a new truck because of JUST me working. I do well here, very well." I might have been gaping at her, but she continued on. "Insurance is a good business and people make a lot of money." She led me right to the front door opened it and escorted me out. I shook her hand said, "thank you for your time," and went right back to my car.

I was led there to believe that I would interview for one position then offered another. I do not want to sell insurance, at ALL. Is it wrong that I told her no? I do not think so. I made it so her time and mine was not wasted. I think it is fine if she wants to do it, go her, but me, not going to happen. I even took out the iron and pressed my skirt before I went. Now that is really the let down. :-(

And to think, I did not even get to see if there REALLY was a scam.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kate White

Kate White is the editor-in-chief of Cosmo and a novelist. Impressive yet usually, I would just laugh and toss her books aside (after the nasty rejection letter from Cosmo) and move on with something else. I am a bitter reader like that. I did not realize (thank goodness) when I picked up "If Looks Could Kill" that she was the same women who rejected me. It was while reading Kate White's bio on the back (and cyber-stalking her) I found out that she is the editor-in-chief of Cosmo. I think that I may have to re-examine my idea of that magazine and the writers in it.

I was really impressed. I liked her writing a lot. It was interesting and kept me wanting more. I really felt for the main character Bailey Weggins, and I wanted to see her succeed and to know more about her. After the first book was finished I rushed to the library (while running from the census workers) to see if they had anything else from her. "A Body to Die For" was on the shelf and I scooped it up. Once again--impressed. I finished the second book in less than 24hrs. I need to see if her and Jack make it as a couple, I need to know what other mysteries she will find, and I need to know her past. I am hooked.

I started in the middle of her Bailey series so hopefully I can find the other books at the other libraries or have them sent to the L-ville one. I am antsy to read more, I hope they come in quick. These books are perfect for the side of the pool or a lazy day spent at home.

I will be getting her next few books out, I am hooked an I will be a fan for life. :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Rant--The Census Workers

Dear Department of the Census--

I understand that you have to work, I get that this is important to divide up state funded money, I understand that it is a hard and important job. What I do not get is that you get paid $15/hr and for the past two hours I have had to hear about who is dating who, who is wearing what, and about the vacations you were on. Then you laugh about well I think that was about five hours of work.

Excuse me? I mean is my math wrong but did you just get paid almost $100 to sit here and gossip. And not only did you sit here and gossip you have taken my daily spot in my coffee shop. I sit there every day and now you have taken my area, and I have to listen to things like, "Well that is why you are 37 and single" or "well me and my wife now just go to bed, nothing else to do at 9 p.m."

You have taken my seat, you have drained my internet connection, and lastly you are giving me a headache. I just want to turn around and ask what the HELL is going on here. Today Crazy Mocha L-ville is ground zero for the Census.

I do not care about your vacations, your hobbies, or who is dating who. What I want to know is if the Census meant talking about facebook, getting on the internet, and getting paid for no work at all, why the HELL didn't I sign up.

Maybe I am just jealous...but really I am just annoyed.


I am sure that by now everyone has heard of the this GREAT movie starting Leonardo DiCaprio. Well I read the reviews, I looked into it, saw that it had a huge fan following, and really--I had no urge to see it. I mean I would see it but it was not on my to do list.

Then after a lovely day of fishing at the river, CH running from the Law Enforcement boat (he forgot his fishing license that day), and reading I thought we were just going to have an early night. Then my friend Bryan came around to visit. We agreed to see Inception. CH was too tired and he had to wake up around 4 a.m. the next day so he opted out.

Bryan and I flew to the theater, met his girlfriend there, and got to our seats in time to see the previews. There was some excitement, someone shouted "Ya Harvard" (I was wearing my Harvard shirt), and Bryan dropped the entire bag of popcorn all over the me and the GF. It was a good way to start the movie.

So there we were watching the previews. My first thought was, Is it ok and legal for me to have a crush on Zac Efron yet? His movie looked kinda sappy and stupid, but he did look good. At home a quick GOOGLE search shows that no, he is only 17. Yuck, what a let down.

But back to the movie. It was really great. The fact that it had great actors and actresses really did help. Leonardo (who is amazing now and forever) was really great in his portrayal of a man torn between keeping his own sanity and losing it to keep his wife.  The plot was fast paced and kept my attention and the fight scene (well all of them were great) between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the mind protectors in the hallway when they were are weightless or falling, is in no better words to describe it, AMAZING. Ellen Page does a great job of being concerned for the team, what she is doing, and for Leonardo. It is nice to see her (finally) in a role that doesn't reduce her to a lesser caliber actress then she really is. Her character's introduction into the movie sets up an understanding of what Leonardo was doing, is doing, and is trying to do, as well as tells the story of what Inception is and how it really works. Finally Marion Cotillard made my skin crawl. Her portrayal of the trapped wife was so creepy that several times during the movie I either jumped or had to stifle a scream. She was so good at looking right at the camera with that look of pure hatred that it made me so uncomfortable. I said to Bryan and Leslie (the GF), "I'm not going to be able to sleep for a week, she is creeping me out!" It was awesome.

Overall I liked the movie. I think it was thoroughly thought provoking and the end can be left to anyone's imagination. I would see it again and I am happy that Bry invited me to see it, because I would have never seen it on my own.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Read this!! It is amazing that someone would put up money to pay for the fines of women. I like it!! Now what I would like more is there being NO FINES.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pride and Prejudice


I just read the graphic novel of the classic tale of Pride and Prejudice mixed with Seth Grahame-Smith's twist.
The graphic novel was fantastic and the art work done by Cliff Richards was amazing. I laughed, I giggled, and I was impressed with the knitting of a classic tale with modern legends.

I think everyone should either check it out from the local library or go and buy a copy. It is something that should not be missed.

Link here for the Amazon site that sells it.

I want to read more, maybe in book form, or maybe in graphic novel form. Either way I am sure they will leave me wanting to read more.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The female condom--a.k.a "A trash bag for my female parts"

I recently wrote a blog about my experience at Adagio and the fact that I crammed my purse full of free condoms (male and female).

This is my response to the female condom that I was so excited to try out.

Hell no, never again.

First off I took it out of the package and felt it. Gross. The FC was very lubed up--which was fine, but then it started dripping all over the bed--not good. According to the directions there are two rings on the condom and the top ring was to be twisted then gently inserted in.

Did not happen that way at all. The top ring was hard plastic and I'm talking like, Fisher Price little kids, hard plastic. It did not want to bend at all. In the picture it shows just one hand being used to push it in and bend it. Wrong, two hands was necessary. I tried bending it just in the middle and then the top but it was so slippery that it was hard to get it to stay bent and to insert it correctly.

I finally just pushed it in and tried to get it as far back as I could. I could feel that gross top ring inside of me while I put it in me and when we were having sex. The other ring was just as the picture showed, hanging out around my lips. It not only looked weird but you had to hold it in place during the insertion and during any thrusting because it tended to slip off or even move out of place. Which then caused more disturbance because I could then REALLY feel that top ring inside of me.

It was like a trash bag lining my vagina. I did not like it at all. Then when we were done having sex, getting it out meant that I had to pull that entire ring out without it being bent. That did not feel good at all.

Some websites  state some advantages and disadvantages of the female condom.

"Opportunity for women to share the responsibility for the condoms with their partners"
"Female condoms can make noises during intercourse"

Hooray! We can finally have the responsibility for condoms. I mean why not? Guess having to carry around a child for nine months isn't enough, lets add on buying and wearing condoms. Oh and for the second statement, yeah it made noises, weird funny noises. Added to the holding it in place and the funny noises, the fact that I did not get off this time was expected.

My favorite website for information Wikipedia, states that there are other things women can try if condoms do not do it.
  • The Barrier
    • Coverage / How it is held in place: It fits over the vulva and perineum and is held in place with thick elastic straps that encircle the women's upper legs. The tube-shaped pouch is about 1½ times larger and 2 times thicker than a male condom. The penis never directly touches the woman's outer or inner genitalia [14]
    • Material: latex
  • The Bikini Condom
    • Coverage / How it is held in place: "looks like a G-string panty"
    • Effectiveness: thicker and less slippage than male condoms, a breakage rate of 0.5%, compared to 1-2% for male condoms
    • Advantages: condom pouch can be automatically introduced into the vagina with coitus, reported heightened sensation for women
    • Cost—reuse: "can be used 5-10 times

Weird that condoms for men are so simple yet for women we are reduced to things that strap around our legs, look like panties, or just hard plastic trash bags. Something should be done in the way of helping women have sex responsibly as well as having it comfortably. 

Over all I am not pleased with what the female condom had to offer me. It felt too gross, was too hard to handle, and holding the end of the bag while having sex was just to much.

Friday, July 2, 2010


The other day I was taken on a romantic date to see Eclipse. Yeah, I am twenty six going on twenty seven, but that still does not mean that I do not want to see these movies.

I love vampire lore, history, stories, basically everything to do with vampires. I have read Anne Rice, I have seen True Blood, I like the ideas and the new concepts each of these new genres and people bring to the culture of vampires. I can also appreciate the classics such as Bram Stoker and Nosferatu.

The newer films/movies by Stephenie Meyers leave me a little lacking. I get that they are for young adults not for people my age but still, I wanted more from each book, and that more was never really achieved. I like the books and movies, don't get me wrong I do find them entertaining, but I just want something more.

I want more because even to my age group I can still get into the Harry Potter series(written for the same age group)and I still love them but these while good Meyers books are just not all there. Stephen King states that, "the real difference [between J. K. Rowling and Meyer] is that Rowling is a terrific writer, and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." And I do have to agree. While I will read both of these books, I like how Rowling knows how to make twists and turns and Meyers is just doing it blindly on faith (ha ha).

Back to my romantic date. There we were sitting in the movie theater holding hands and having a good time. Up until the point where I started booing.

I have the urge sometimes in the middle of movies to tell my someone my ideas or opinions about them movie. Usually done in a really low voice so as to not interrupt the people around us. This was NOT the case during this movie.

The scene was Bella and Edward spending the night ALONE (gasp) at his house, where he found a bed for them to sleep in for the night. She wants to have sex with him, basically trying to seduce him into giving her what she wants, and he refuses. This wouldn't have irritated me BUT then he goes on to state something along the lines of, "In my day and age this only happens after marriage. It is not right to take away your virtue and your chastity. I would only allow myself to do this once we are married. Blah Blah Blah."

At this point appalled I shouted out, "PROPAGANDA!!! FAMILY VALUES PROPAGANDA!!! RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA!! BOOOO BOOOO BOOOO!!!" CH calmed me down just a little bit but I was furious. I get it, teenage kids should not have sex. But they should not have sex because of diseases and the chance of pregnancy, NOT because of what Edward stated.

The idea of the worth of a woman is dependent upon her chastity is deplorable. This idea goes back to the Victorian age where the only thing of worth was a woman's virginity. Edward is supposedly of this time but living through it and going through how many centuries should show that women offer more than just their maidenhood (yuck what a terrible word!).

I was angry that this was put in the movie. I was waiting for something like this to happen though. I know how it was in the books, but in the movies, to a broader audience a more destructive message can be portrayed.

Teenagers shouldn't have sex because of the problems it can bring them. They should not NOT have sex because of what a society dictates to them is right or wrong or what a religion dictates to them what is right or wrong. If one makes choices solely based upon this then they have no free will and they are puppets to a larger entity and will never know their own voice, and never tell their own story.

Meyers states," [she] does not consciously intend her novels to be Mormon-influenced, or to promote the virtues of sexual abstinence and spiritual purity, but admits that her writing is shaped by her values."

Spiritual purity....ugh... what a terrible idea. How about we just go back and have arranged marriages and sell our daughters off to the highest bidders?

Bitch Magazine states that, "Ultimately, it’s a statement of the sexual politics of Meyer’s abstinence message: Whether you end up doing the nasty or not doesn’t ultimately matter. When it comes to a woman’s virtue, sex, identity, or her existence itself, it’s all in the man’s hands. To be the object of desire, in abstinence porn is not really so far from being the object of desire in actual porn."

Congratulations Meyer, way to throw back women to the days where all we were good for was cooking, cleaning, having babies and making sure our men were happy.