Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to NOT get a Job

I was called yesterday by the business AIL or American Income Life. They told me that they saw my resume on and they thought I would REALLY fit the position. What position I then asked. They had an Administrative Assistant and some other Administrative jobs available.

Fine, and I set up an interview time. Then I did some research. Try GOOGLING American Income Life.

I knew that I had to at LEAST go to the job interview after looking up the scam info. I mean really, after my FIRST interview in Pittsburgh with a pyramid scam how could I resist another scam. I think that doing interviews is really helpful in preparing for an adult future. I was going to use this interview as 1. practice for interviews and 2. to take notes in my notebook of anything fishy going on.

But alas, I did not get the chance to do either. I got to the waiting room and spoke to the receptionist about my interview, they forgot to put me on the list. Already--I was pleased with the company. I then gave her my name and sat and waited, and waited, and waited a bit more. I was just getting into my second magazine when I heard, "Delinea?" I responded with, "AH-the-lee-na?" I looked up and this woman wearing a pink sweater was in the doorway. Her handshake was very no nonsense and firm. She asked me the same question that all the people being pulled to the back were asked, "So where are you coming from?" I answered and we made our way to her back corner, no windowed, office.

She asked me if I looked at the website and I told her yes with a smile on my face about all the other websites I visited just that morning. She then started to talk to me about life insurance. I must have gave her a questioning look, "here in our office we do have our workers selling life insurance policies."

I responded back with, "when I spoke to the representative on the phone she assured me that I would be interviewing for an admin position within the company."

Pink Sweater just blinked. Blink Blink. Blink. "Oh," she replied, "we already filled those positions."

"All the admin positions were filled in one day?" I just paused after this.

"Well since you are here I can now interview you for the Insurance saleswoman position. Are you interested in selling insurance?"

Now friends, this is where apparently I made my mistake. I do not think that my response was mean, I do not think that I did anything wrong. She asked me if I wanted to sell insurance. No I do not, I came to the job interview for a different position, I never agreed to be an Insurance salesperson.

"No." Just one word answer and that got Pink Sweater in a huff. I actually was semi-concerned for her as well as me as she led me out of her office.

"My husband is a stay at home dad because of my working here. I bring in a lot of money, and I do VERY well for myself. Just this year I bought him a new truck because of JUST me working. I do well here, very well." I might have been gaping at her, but she continued on. "Insurance is a good business and people make a lot of money." She led me right to the front door opened it and escorted me out. I shook her hand said, "thank you for your time," and went right back to my car.

I was led there to believe that I would interview for one position then offered another. I do not want to sell insurance, at ALL. Is it wrong that I told her no? I do not think so. I made it so her time and mine was not wasted. I think it is fine if she wants to do it, go her, but me, not going to happen. I even took out the iron and pressed my skirt before I went. Now that is really the let down. :-(

And to think, I did not even get to see if there REALLY was a scam.


  1. I have to say a big thank you to:

    because of them I now know how to take a screen shot more successfully.

  2. 1. love your shoutout to wikihow
    2. love the screen shot!
    3. wow... :(

  3. Was this company in Canonsburg, by chance?

  4. you mean they didn't ask you to hang out with them at a gas station and go to McDonalds for lunch?

  5. NO! I did not get to go to McDonald this time around. And it was in the North Hills....Perry Highway.