Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kate White

Kate White is the editor-in-chief of Cosmo and a novelist. Impressive yet usually, I would just laugh and toss her books aside (after the nasty rejection letter from Cosmo) and move on with something else. I am a bitter reader like that. I did not realize (thank goodness) when I picked up "If Looks Could Kill" that she was the same women who rejected me. It was while reading Kate White's bio on the back (and cyber-stalking her) I found out that she is the editor-in-chief of Cosmo. I think that I may have to re-examine my idea of that magazine and the writers in it.

I was really impressed. I liked her writing a lot. It was interesting and kept me wanting more. I really felt for the main character Bailey Weggins, and I wanted to see her succeed and to know more about her. After the first book was finished I rushed to the library (while running from the census workers) to see if they had anything else from her. "A Body to Die For" was on the shelf and I scooped it up. Once again--impressed. I finished the second book in less than 24hrs. I need to see if her and Jack make it as a couple, I need to know what other mysteries she will find, and I need to know her past. I am hooked.

I started in the middle of her Bailey series so hopefully I can find the other books at the other libraries or have them sent to the L-ville one. I am antsy to read more, I hope they come in quick. These books are perfect for the side of the pool or a lazy day spent at home.

I will be getting her next few books out, I am hooked an I will be a fan for life. :-)

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