Monday, July 26, 2010

A Rant--The Census Workers

Dear Department of the Census--

I understand that you have to work, I get that this is important to divide up state funded money, I understand that it is a hard and important job. What I do not get is that you get paid $15/hr and for the past two hours I have had to hear about who is dating who, who is wearing what, and about the vacations you were on. Then you laugh about well I think that was about five hours of work.

Excuse me? I mean is my math wrong but did you just get paid almost $100 to sit here and gossip. And not only did you sit here and gossip you have taken my daily spot in my coffee shop. I sit there every day and now you have taken my area, and I have to listen to things like, "Well that is why you are 37 and single" or "well me and my wife now just go to bed, nothing else to do at 9 p.m."

You have taken my seat, you have drained my internet connection, and lastly you are giving me a headache. I just want to turn around and ask what the HELL is going on here. Today Crazy Mocha L-ville is ground zero for the Census.

I do not care about your vacations, your hobbies, or who is dating who. What I want to know is if the Census meant talking about facebook, getting on the internet, and getting paid for no work at all, why the HELL didn't I sign up.

Maybe I am just jealous...but really I am just annoyed.


  1. I'm pissed that these assholes are taking money earned by hard working tax payers and are doing in eight hours what can be done in two.

    Census workers have told stories where they were told by other census workers that they are working too fast or that they should slow down their pace...all so that the longer they work, the more money per hour they'll get paid.

    I can't wait for the census to be over so these bums will be out of a job.

  2. Our tax dollars at work.

    WITH that said...there are people out there who do a good job at census work. They guy who came to our place was really professional. was my dad.

    Although...from this little ditty you wrote up...and other stories I've heard...the census DOESNT do a great job of weeding out good employees from the bad.

    ...just like Metro workers in DC!

  3. just a tidbit. they are then allowed to file for unemployment after their census job is over. and since they are allowed 40hrs/week at like $15 or more dollars an hour.... and actually doing 10hrs.. they are going to get a lot more unemployment then they deserve.

    i have listened to religion, weddings, wine, beer, and then on top of that them laughing about, well we will say he was here 2 hrs ago--even though he wasn't and then giggling over, well that was a nice 8 hr day. WHAT THE HELL.... it is just so annoying. if you do your job then fine, but to lie and to make that much money... it is just not right.

  4. Today they are back again. Filling out unemployment papers and planning their party out at North Park. There will be beer.