Thursday, August 5, 2010


As we all know I am unemployed. My Nemesis recently called up and told me about a job that was available. I of course jumped right on it. I applied and scheduled an "OPEN HOUSE" day. I was nervous to go--so I made CH dress up and come with me. I defiantly have the ability, I have the experience, what I do not have apparently are the MATH skills.

After the Open House information session we had to take a timed test. The English was fine, the Math was not. I am sorry in five minutes I will not be able to do multiplication, division, and percents without a calculator. It won't happen. I know that it is a possible fault of mine but with student recruiting do I really need to know about math? It was like doing homework for 7th grade, but timed. I cannot do that, a fault of mine yes, but would that even be needed??

The job description states:

Recruiting students for our institute requires a customer-focused attitude, an ability to meet challenges head-on and a passion for changing lives through education. A college degree in marketing, business or related area is preferred or a minimum of 2 years direct sales experience in admissions, recruiting or other intangible sales.

Lets see... I have THREE years of marketing experience with Sam's Club, ONE year of telephone experience with CWA, THREE years of working with students at Clarion being a T.A., and finally doing some admissions work for Clarion.

But what got me was that stupid test. Now I am over it and not really bitter. CH got a call back and an interview. AWESOME. I am really happy about this because it will be better for both of us. And really it is only fair. Chris found CWA online and he applied then showed it to me. I got the call back from CWA he did not. Now I found a job and we both applied he got a call back I got............

Thank you for your interest in --------------. We sincerely appreciate your desire to become an employee of our company.

After reviewing your qualifications, unfortunately we are unable to consider you for the Representative position at this time. We appreciate your interest in ----------, and thank you for sharing your qualifications with us.

We wish you the best as you pursue your career goals.

It is fine. Other jobs will eventually present themselves. What I am upset about and slightly irritated about is this. The woman who ran the open house knew that my Nemesis referred me. While this is great and she can ask about how I can do in a work environment, what she SHOULD NOT have done is told him that I, "REALLY BOMBED the test part."

That comment there is not only unprofessional, but can get someone in A LOT of trouble. That is what irritates me. If I do not qualify for the job fine, but do not reduce my attempt at it to that. Not cool. Not cool at all.

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  1. My advice? Target quarterly. ;-)